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A moment in history is written...

Everyone has experienced it: that one moment that makes us forget the world around us. It will be remembered forever. For us it was the moment when we got on our bikes in 2007 with the first Qloom Baggy Shorts. Outside in the Swiss mountains, with friends. What started out as a one-off for friends has developed into a lifestyle over the past few years.

Despite constant development, some of the attributes from 2007 have remained. Our (almost) limitless love for mountain biking, our creativity to develop collections with an independent design and last but not least our passion for technical products, which have to satisfy the highest demands.

Now we are taking a step further by putting our knowledge, our experience and our passion as the first mountain bike textile label at your disposal. This with our Qloom Custom Mountain Bike Collection, in which you can design your outfit yourself with the help of our design crew.

Qloom - style and function

Developing products is one story. Another story is to provide innovative and highly technical products with a certain pinch of "style". And that's exactly what makes us one of the best mountain bike textiles in the world.

We design & produce your personal dream outfit.

Whether for clubs, sports groups, teams, companies, tourism regions, other institutions or simply private individuals.

And this is how your new

team outfit could look like

Further information about the individual Qloom Custom products can be found here:

Download - Custom Broschüre

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