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Summer 2020

The golden State

of California

No other place in the world radiates a more easygoing lifestyle and uncompromising belief in progress and future.

Heading west with less than nothing and only a horse under the saddle, some intrepid outlaws had a firm belief in California’s future already in the mid-19th century, setting off the biggest gold rush in history.

The same place, 100 years of triumphs and tragedies later. In the 1970s, some young daredevils from California’s surfer scene tinkered away at the future of a new sport. It was the birth of mountain biking, right at this very site:

37° 55' 45" N, 122° 34' 40" W

On the slopes of Mount Tamalpais on the California coast, a new rush emerged: the rush of dust, dirt, speed and adrenaline. “From Gold Rush to Bike Rush.” Men and women made of the same fearless and forward-looking optimism traded their horse for a bike. And the rest is mountain biking history.

Just as the glistening sunrises and dawns over Mt. Tam and the coastal beaches seem to reflect the gold in California’s soil, the birthplace of our sport served as inspiration for our summer collection 2020, with bike wear designed perfectly for the intrepid outlaw of today.

Welcome to the California dream.
Welcome to the future of QLOOM.





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