On a discovery tour with her mountain bike

Commuting to work by bike

Mary Moncorgé stands high up at 1200m with her bike and watches the sun rising slowly over the ocean. In the far distance on the horizon, she catches a glimpse of Corsica. Mary works as a teacher in a high school and commutes to school at least once a week with her bike. The ride leads over a mountain and is not without its difficulties, especially in winter. Nevertheless, she really appreciates the time with her bike: „The sunrise, the peace and quiet as well as the feeling of biking are definitely worth the effort.“

The Qloom Ambassador has always loved all kinds of sport. She comes from a family of horse breeders, taking part in swimming competitions as a child. During her studies she preferred to concentrate on her snowboard rather than her studies. Mary discovered the joy of mountain biking when she worked for a bicycle manufacturer after her studies. She believes that biking combines the best aspects of riding and snowboarding. You basically get the best of both worlds!

From competitions to adventures

In the past Mary has successfully participated in Enduro races. Even though she describes herself as competitive, she realised at some point that it's not the competition itself, but new bike routes that excite her. Today she prefers to discover new places and tours on her own with her bike. She is particularly fond of mountain routes. However, her curiosity has already put her in precarious situations. Once she tried to descend back to her village on a hiking trail - suddenly she found herself on a narrow path, right next to her the precipice. She had to hold her bike in one and the rope in the other hand. Her fear of heights was no help at that moment either! Fortunately she reached the valley unharmed and her fascination for the mountains continues to grow each day: „I love the crisp mountain air, the peaceful ambience. For a brief moment I can forget everything and truly relax“. If she can enjoy a piece of flan from a French bakery while she’s up there, life’s even better.

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Photos: Matt Wragg