Over 10 years of Qloom

Uncompromising quality that makes you feel good.

A moment in history begins

Everyone has encountered it: that one moment that makes us forget the world around us. A moment that will be remembered forever. For us it was the moment when we got on our bikes with the first QLOOM Baggy Shorts. Outdoors in the Swiss mountains, with some friends - we had boundless fun, it was a very special life awareness.

IT WAS 2007

What began with a few pairs of shorts for friends has now developed into a sports lifestyle brand with a diverse range of styles. From basics to high-performance to protection, QLOOM offers the right functional clothing for every sporting adventure.

But some things have not changed over the years - the relaxed lifestyle that always accompanies QLOOM. With unbroken passion we develop highly functional sportswear for every activity. Multisport, with a colourful design, made for the individualists among us.

Move now

work later.

Didi Rüegg

Qloom Founder

Right from our kick-off in 2007, we have stood for functional & innovative sports wear with a strong focus on biking.

What makes Qloom stand out are its fabric performance, excellent fit, workmanship and attention to detail.