We Are Qloom

We design surf inspired bike wear




Surf-inspired bikewear for those in favor of flavor.

Lismore Short Sleeve

The Lismore is just your basic, better-than-basic, up-for-anything, lightweight, fast-dry tech tee designed specifically for women.



Soaking up nature in apparel made technically for mountain biking.

Rockingham Shorts

Built full-strength at three-quarter length. The knee-pad-ready Rockingham features the hardest-core construction, but plenty of stretch for max comfort.

What is the State of Qloom?

Something big is coming, and we want you to be a part of it. Tell us where you ride. You won’t be sorry.

Qloom is what it means to be outside yourself, yet entirely in the moment. That moment when you make it to the top, breathe, and soak in the colors.

DIDI RUEGG - Founder of Qloom